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About us

Meet Katherine

Certified Private Dog Trainer

Katherine is a full time certified dog trainer located in the heart of Miami, FL. She also considers herself to be a full time "animal activist", eager to create a better lifestyle for dogs and their owners. She continues to strengthen her uplifting and pleasurable training strategies through professional development and experience. In the near future, Katherine plans to make a greater impact and establish a non-profit organization to help feed and provide shelter for dogs around the world. In the meantime, she continues to dedicate time to her own doggie named Nikko, community service hours at her local animal shelters, and local dog meet ups to support friendly and fun dog interactions.


 In 2019, she secured her vision by establishing what is now known as Victorious K9. She is currently working and perfecting her craft and has shaped the lives of over 100 dog owners in the past two years.

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Our Vision

We believe that loyalty is one of the greatest characteristics a person can have and that is the greatest quality a dog has to offer their owner. Victorious K9 aims to demonstrate and teach pet owners how to treat their dogs like royalty in exchange for their loyalty.

 Victorious K9 is dedicated to creating an exciting lifestyle for owners and their pets. To ensure this, it is our duty to share our knowledge with owners so they can create an understanding and unique relationship. We will continue to impact as many pet homes as possible in Miami and eventually throughout the rest of Florida. 

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