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Training programs

Training programs vary upon breed and age of your pet. 

Puppy Training

The Puppy Training Packages are the fundamentals to a happy and healthy relationship between you and your new furry family member! These programs include house breaking, crate and potty training, basic commands, and much more! This program is beneficial for puppies between the ages of 10-24 weeks and is focused on creating good habits in and outside of your home. Please book a home evaluation before registering for a puppy training program.

(For Ages 10-24 weeks)

Obedience Training

(For Ages 6 months and up)

The Obedience Training Programs aid to implement the necessary training your furry friend need's. Obedience training is very important for owners who want to avoid unwanted behaviors in and outside of the house. Let's avoid the counter surfing, destroyed furniture, jumping on all the guests, sprinting out of the doors and much more! Please book a home evaluation before registering for a Obedience Training program.

Behavioral Modification

Aims to eliminate moderate to severe undesired behaviors with objects, animals, and people. Behavior modification training helps to reconstruct the attitude, reaction, and performance from where the undesired behavior is caused. This may include various types of aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety and destructive behavior. 

Pricing varies upon severity of each pet’s issue. Please book a home consultation before registering for this training program. Seek veterinary care if these behavioral changes seem very sudden as they may stem from underlying medical conditions.

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