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Working with Kat has been great, she is very knowledgeable and once your training starts/ends she checks in to see how your dog is doing. 


My dog is a 80lb female German Shepherd, who would love to pull on her walks. Kat helped me teach her how to heel. Not only did she work with Bella but with myself so I can implement the training when she is not around. If she noticed Bella wasn’t understanding the training, she would change the training to ensure she was able to learn it.


Off the bat, she built a great relationship with Bella and she (Bella) was always super excited every time she came for training. So to her it was more of a playtime rather than an unpleasant activity. 


I would highly recommend Kat for anyone looking to train their pet."

- Carlos Rueda

Teddy was one of a kind. Before his training, he was absolute chaos. Kat came to the rescue and changed our lives. Teddy stopped using the bathroom inside, he learned how to walk and listen to every command. He learned so much with kat. Every Tuesday and Thursday when she would come, he would get so happy. He loved her so much. We’re so thankful for kat and everything she did for our teddy boy.

- Isa Buscemi

Max has been with Katherine since he was 4 months old and we have seen nothing but amazing results! She is a exceptional trainer who is persistent, dedicated, and passionate towards what she does! In the time she has been training Max, I have seen him grow in ways I never thought possible!"

-Angie Arenas

I would highly recommend working with Katherine. She is truly a professional and her passion for dogs radiates. Her upbeat nature makes class engaging and enjoyable. She has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in a wide range of training(s)and behavioral situations. 

She teaches so much more than just sit and stay! She educates owners about dog behavior and overall proper dog ownership. Katherine helped us with Rosie after we rescued her. She worked with us during the early puppy stage and obedience training. 

We will be working with her again for adult-level training classes in the next couple of months. 

It was a pleasure to work with her!

-Celso Toledo


I could not have found a better trainer than Katherine. I had 1 dog at first that I had trained with someone else, paid a lot of money and it doesn't even compare to Kat's methodology behind training dogs. She has a loving but firm approach that is magical. We found her on Instagram and decided to hire her for our second puppy, needless to say the best 8 weeks of our lives. Clifford (our dog) loves to see her and spend time with her, and us as dog parents learned so many important details with her in that short period of time that it doesn't compare to anything else out there she is A1. I would definitely invest my money in the Victorious training program any time. She knows what she is doing and most importantly of all she loves her job, and all her doggies!!

-Lily Castellon

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